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admin 1/7/2022

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I bought an Acer S240HL monitor and when I plugged it in, the monitor was not recognized and displayed only as a generic non-pnp monitor. This was with Windows 7. Any time I would try and update the driver it would just say the drivers were up to date already. I completed Method 1, Method 2, and Method 4. I could not complete Method 3 because I cannot find a Windows 10 driver for the Acer P223w monitor. The only driver on Acer support is for Windows Vista 32 bit. I think Windows is using Generic PnP driver. I used the Dell support site to update all drivers. Download Acer LCD Monitor X223W for Windows to monitor driver. Join or Sign In. Sign in to add and modify your software. The Acer X233H bid 23' Widescreen LCD Monitor is a solid 16:9 format display which brings to the home a perfect balance between best value performance and the latest full high definition technical.

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I installed 64Bit Windows 7 on my T400 2764-CTO. Before running W7 I used the 32bit Vista Pro Lenovo pre-load and could drive my Acer X233H monitor at 1920x1080 with Switchable Graphics enabled in BIOS. The highest resolution the native Windows 7 ATI driver would allow with this monitor was 1440x900. The Intel Integrated drivers allowed W7 to push the X233H to 1920x1080 so this is how I ran. The other day I was excited to see Lenovo published the ATI 64bit W7 drivers for the T400. I downloaded the drivers and much to my dismay I was still limited to 1440x900 driving the X233H. However after poking around I found if I hit the Force button in CCC, Desktop Properties, Mode, Settings area I could now select 1920x1080. This wasn't intuitive and I hope my find helps others with this issue..