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Vooral in bedrijven is een volwassen communicatie belangrijk. Kan hier helpen PBX als Agfeo AS 2x. Het systeem is bijzonder geschikt voor ISDN Basic Rate Interface. Telefoonsystemen werken alleen met de juiste opdracht. Veiligheidsvoorschriften voor. Download drivers for nvidia products including geforce graphics cards, nforce motherboards, quadro. My case the problem, i have the same problem as you have described. Nvidia geforce 7800 gtx editor's note, we reviewed an nvidia reference card that is not available for purchase. The following table lists the current Windows drivers together with existing predecessor versions. IMPORTANT: It is essential that any existing old driver versions should be uninstalled before a new USB/CAPI driver is installed! Refer to the manual for your AGFEO device as necessary if you are unsure about this procedure. Mag lts driver Truck driver unions De niro taxi driver 2 Indian river school ny In lake map river wisconsindriver fake license ontario Standard cd rom driver Jobs for truck driver with a felony Driver pool services Book it meaning river run through Diego rivera murals Ip protocol driver Ibm t41 drivers Msi iq56ie56 driver download Driver logistics transport truckauthority bus com depot driver. The bafo usb to serial driver has been added below for download bafo usb to serial driver for windows 10. Uploaded on, downloaded 6768 times, receiving a 90/100 rating by 5418 users. A usb adapter is a type of protocol converter which is used for converting usb data signals to and from other communications standards.


versiondateoperating systemsdownload
7.070905 - Windows 7 64bit Windows 8 64bit Windows 8.1 64bit Download
7.070905 - Windows 7 32bit Windows 8 32bit Windows 8.1 32bit Download


PC software setup

Agfeo Isdn As 2x Driver Download 32-bit

You connect the telephone system to a computer, preferably a server, via USB or serial connection. The TK Suite Server is installed on this PC. The TK-Suite Server provides its services to all computers in a network.

Set up TAPI

With a TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) you can operate a CTI application (Computer Telephony Integration). The CTI application uses the services of the AGFEO telephone system with the help of the TAPI driver installed on a Windows PC. With a suitable TAPI-compatible software (eg TAPICall) many telephony functions can be controlled.


You need an active IP network connection between the workstation PC and the computer that is connected to the telephone system or connect the workstation PC directly to the system.

Install the TAPI driver

The AGFEO TAPI driver is installed on the workstations. To do this, please start the setup file of the TAPI driver that you downloaded above and follow the user guidance. After the installation, please restart your PC or server.

Set up TAPI connection

Note: Under Windows NT or Windows 2000 / XP you should log in as the user for whom the TAPI connection is to be set up.

  • Select the entry 'Settings> Control Panel' in the start menu. Double-click on the 'Telephony' symbol (from Windows 2000 / XP onwards, the 'Telephone and Modem Options' symbol).
  • Switch to the 'Advanced Options' tab.
  • Select the entry 'AGFEO TK-ServiceProvider3' from the list of installed drivers. Click on 'Configure'.
  • In the following dialog window click on 'TCP / IP' and then on 'TK-Suite Server (local / LAN)'.
  • Under 'Host' enter the IP address of the computer that is connected to the telephone system and click on 'Test'. Receive the status 'Connection successfully established with the current settings!' you can close the window with 'OK'. If you get another message, you may have to reconfigure the TK Suite server.
  • Now please click on 'Basic Settings' in the 'Telephony Service Provider Settings' window and make sure that the 'Permanent connection to the PBX' check box is set. Close the 'Basic Settings' window with 'OK'.
  • Now select 'Subscriber settings' and click 'Receive subscriber data from the PBX' in the window that opens. After the data has been read from the telephone system, you can close the window with 'OK'.
  • Also close the 'Telephony Service Provider Settings' window with 'OK', confirm the message that now appears with 'OK' and restart the computer.

What is the AGFEO TSP required for?

So that the TAPI can provide the telephony services, a driver for the telephony hardware must be installed in the PC system. This driver, the so-called TSP (Telephony Service Provider), is supplied by the respective manufacturer of the telephony hardware.

Overview of the supported AGFEO telecommunications systems

to the PBX
(CTI 1.x)
(CTI 3.x)
AS 43/45
from 7.0
ser., S0, USB, LAN
AS 4000
from 6.0
ser., S0, LAN
from 5.0j
AS 40 P
from 6.0
serial, (S0)
from 3.6a / 3.7
Business line
ser., S0, USB
AS 35
from 6.0
ser., S0, USB
AS 3x
from 6.0
serial, S0
[from 5.1d]
AS 33
AS 31 + 1
no TAPI support
serial, S0
AS 31 ST
Basic Line
ser., S0, USB
from 5.0
AS 1x
from 6.0
ser., S0, USB
from 5.1
AS 151
from 6.0
serial, S0
from 2.2
AS 190 plus
AS 141 plus
AS 140 plus
AS 191
from 2.0
only serial
serial, S0
only serial
AS 19
AS 14
Com Line
[from 1.0]
AC 16 WP
serial, USB
from 2.0
AC 14 WP (2)
serial, USB
[from 1.5]
AC 14 phony
from 1.0
AC 12
no TAPI support

High CPU usage

If you have problems that your system hangs and the process svchost.exe causes a very high CPU load in the task manager, then you have to configure the [AGFEO TK-ServiceProvider3] [using the [Telephone and Modem Options] in the [Advanced] area ] and remove the checkmark [permanent connection to the PBX] in the [Basic Settings]:

Manuals, documentation and additional downloads

Currently no additional downloads available.

AGFEO ISDN AS 2x Driver Download


  1. Install the TAPI driver and if necessary configure it in the 'Control Panel' under 'Phone and Modem' in the 'Advanced' area.
  2. Download TAPICall and run the installation file. The installation file is also located in the above TAPI driver download (filename TAPICall-10002.msi)
  3. Select the installed driver in TAPICall.
  4. Work effectively and quickly. Here is an introductory video to the main features of TAPICall.


Start the setup file of the TAPI driver you downloaded and follow the user guide. After completing the installation, it may be necessary to restart the computer. Some download files contain several TAPI drivers. Please pay attention to the selection of the driver suitable for your device. If the connection is made via USB, first install the USB driver of the device and then the TAPI driver.

We assume no liability for the completeness, function, scope or compatibility of the drivers provided above for download. Source and originator unless otherwise stated is the manufacturer of the hardware / device. TAPICall is our product, which is included in the download. If you have any questions about the drivers in connection with TAPICall, call: +49 (6422) 89800-50

Agfeo Isdn As 2x Driver Download Windows 7

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Agfeo Isdn As 2x Driver Download 64-bit

  • Description

    USB 2.0 to serial Converter, DSUB 9M incl. USB A Cable 80cm, FTDI chipset

    Provides a serial RS232 interface via USB 2.0

    • Enables data exchange between PCs and serial peripheral devices (machine control systems, modems, sensors, etc.) via the USB port.
    • Meets the USB 2.0 standard
    • Incl. 80 cm USB extension cable
    • FTDI chipset for individual configuration

    The DIGITUS® USB 2.0 serial adapter is a practical solution for serial connectivity. RS232 serial interfaces are no longer available on new hardware, so the DIGITUS® USB 2.0 serial adapter enables data exchange between a computer USB 2.0 port and peripheral devices with serial interfaces (COM port, RS232). These include, for example, weather stations, sensors, machine control systems, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, PDAs, scanners, modems, ISDN adapters and many other peripheral devices. The USB 2.0 serial adapter is downwardly compatible with USB 1.1 and enables adaptable baud rates of between 75 and 128,000 bits per second. The customizable FTDI chipset is compatible with all common operating systems and also supports power management and remote wake up. A separate power supply is not required, because the device is powered through the USB connection.

    Technical Details

    • Provides a serial RS232 interface via USB 2.0
    • Meets the USB 2.0 standard
    • Downward compatibility with USB 1.1
    • Adaptable data transfer rates of between 75 and 128,000 bits per second.
    • Supports remote wake up and power management
    • Chipset: FTDI / FT232RL
    • Customizable with the FTDI chipset
    • 1× RS232 plug (Sub D 9-pole) / 1× USB A plug
    • Interface: Full duplex
    • Gilded contacts
    • Incl. USB extension cable, approx. 80 cm
    • Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X and Linux
    • True 5V / 3.3V / 2.8V / 1.8V CMOS drive output and TTL input

    Package content

    • USB serial adapter
    • USB extension cable
    • Product support CD-ROM
  • Logistics

    Packaging Unit Carton15013,0050,4021,3047,0050455,40
    Packaging Unit Inside10,0918,508,502,30361,68
    Packaging Unit Single10,099,009,003,00243,00
    Net single without Packaging10,079,009,003,00243,00
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Product Series

Interface Adapter

USB to serial adapter
USB to Serial Adapter, RS232 USB1.1, RS232 chipset PL2303RA