AJA Kona3G SDI I/O Driver

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AJA NTV2 V4L2/ALSA Overview. This repository contains the AJA NTV2 V4L2/ALSA driver. Version (tag) v1.0.0 initial release - video/audio capture v1.1.0 add serial port for rovocam v1.2.0 add audio mixer v1.2.1 support kernels to 4.6 v1.2.2 support kernels to 4.14 v2.0.0 support Kona HDMI and Kona 1 UHD/4K SDI two sample interleave input SDI embedded LTC timecode v2.0.1 support kernels to 5.1 v2. Family page og-dante-12gam io ip kona ip ipt-10g2-hdmi ipt-10g2-sdi ipr-10g2-hdmi ipr-10g2-sdi Developer Family Page Corvid 88 Corvid 44 12G Corvid 44 12G BNC Corvid 44 Corvid 44 BNC Corvid 22 Corvid 24 Corvid HEVC Io 4K Plus Io IP KONA 5 KONA 4 KONA HDMI KONA IP KONA LHi KONA 1 KONA LHe Plus T-TAP ®. AJA Kona3 SDI I/O Drivers Available: Operating System Driver Provider Driver Version; Download Driver: Windows XP (64 bit) AJA Video Systems Inc. Download Driver: Windows Server 2003 (64 bit) AJA Video Systems Inc. Download Driver. Aja kona 3g hdd driver download KONA 3G can also convert between 4: This allows you to create unique workflows without tying up valuable resources unnecessarily. Exported files from your application of choice can be seamlessly played out to the video and audio equipment of your choice. AJA Corvid 3G SDI I/O Driver (Z-OEM-CRV-T-R0) Device. AJA Corvid3G SDI I/O. PCIe 4x Card for 8/10-Bit Digital 3G, HD.

  1. AJA Kona3G SDI I/O Driver
  2. Aja Kona 4 Driver

The AJA KONA 3G HD/SD SDI 3D Card is a flexible SDI input/output (I/O) card that supports multiple SD, HD, and 2K formats, as well as 4K at 24p and 25p. It features four SDI connectors that can be configured for input, output, or a mixture of both. In addition, connectors can be paired to support dual-link and 3D signals. In the case of 4K, all four connectors will be used in quad-link configuration, and in this mode 4K SDI support will be limited to input or output, but not both at the same time.


Capture devices enable a computer to accept HDMI or SDI input from sources such as camcorders and D-SLRs.

The HDMI port on most computers is output-only and will not accept video input. USB cables that come packaged with cameras are generally intended for file transfer and most cameras do not allow for live video monitoring via USB.

AJA Kona3G SDI I/O Driver

Capture devices can be external devices that deliver HDMI or SDI sources into the computer over Thunderbolt or USB, or internal cards installed into an available PCI slot on a desktop PC that allow HDMI or SDI sources to be connected to the computer directly.

Support for Capture Cards

AJA Kona3G SDI I/O Driver

If you need help with using the Capture card in Wirecast, we ask that you contact the manufacturer as the 1st point of support. It’s possible that you need certain drivers or recommended settings to make it work with Wirecast, and they can best assist you with this.

  • Elgato Support (Windows only)

You may also able to find other users who found success with specific capture cards on the Wirecast Support Forum. Note: Telestream Support is unable to officially support any of the following capture cards. We will make every effort to assist you, but you may be asked to use the above resources.

Devices listed below provide information on their supported driver and the interface required to connect to a computer running Wirecast.

A device driver is a computer program that operates or controls a particular type of device that is attached to a computer.

  • Source SDK drivers make a direct connection between a particular capture card’s SDK and the Wirecast SDK. It enables a fully optimized workflow with minimal middle-man services. Blackmagic and Magewell integration is maintained by Telestream, AJA integration is maintained by AJA.
  • UVC/DS/AVF drivers utilize operating system “traffic directors” and “service negotiators” to negotiate and manage connections. This adds to potential for issues to occur and potentially introduce inefficiencies. Devices using these drivers should work with Wirecast unless there are problems with the manufacturer’s driver. UVC devices use the universal driver found within both Mac and Windows operating systems. DirectShow (Windows) and AV Foundation (Mac) drivers make connections to the multimedia framework their particular operating system uses to handle video-related tasks.

Aja Kona 4 Driver

ManufacturerCapture DeviceSourceSDKUVC/DS/AvfInterface
AJAIo 4KThunderbolt 2
Io 4K +Thunderbolt 3
Io ExpressThunderbolt 2
Io XTThunderbolt 2
U-TapUSB 3
AverMediaDarkCrystal 110 (CD110)PCIe
DarkCrystal 750 (CD750)USB 3
Live Gamer HD (C985)PCIe
Live Gamer HD 2 (LGHD2)PCIe
Blackmagic DesignDeckLink 4K Extreme 12GPCIe
DeckLink Duo 2PCIe
DeckLink Mini RecorderPCIe
DeckLink Quad 2PCIe
DeckLink Quad HDMI RecorderPCIe
DeckLink SDI 4KPCIe
DeckLink Studio 4KPCIe
Intensity Pro 4KPCIe
Intensity Shuttle ThunderboltThunderbolt 2
UltraStudio 4KThunderbolt 2
UltraStudio 4K ExtremePCIe, Thunderbolt 2
UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3PCIe, Thunderbolt 3
UltraStudio 4K MiniThunderbolt 3
UltraStudio HD MiniThunderbolt 3
UltraStudio Mini RecorderThunderbolt 2
Web PresenterUSB 2
Bluefish444Epoch 4K NeutronPCIe
Epoch 4K Supernova S+PCIe
ElgatoGame Capture HD60
Windows only
GameCapture HD60 S
Windows only
Game Capture HD60 Pro
Windows only
EpiphanAV.io HDUSB 3
InogeniDVI to USB 3.0USB 3
HDMI to USB 3.0USB 3
SDI to USB 3.0USB 3
Share 1USB 3
Share 2USB 3
Share 2UUSB 3
VGA to USB 3.0USB 3
MagewellPro Capture AIOPCIe
Pro Capture Dual DVIPCIe
Pro Capture Dual HDMIPCIe
Pro Capture Dual SDIPCIe
Pro Capture DVIPCIe
Pro Capture HDMIPCIe
Pro Capture Mini HDMIPCIe
Pro Capture Mini SDIPCIe
Pro Capture Quad HDMIPCIe
Pro Capture Quad SDIPCIe
Pro Capture SDIPCIe
USB Capture HDMIUSB 3 / USB 2
USB Capture HDMI PlusUSB 3 / USB 2
USB Capture SDI PlusUSB 3 / USB 2
USB Capture DVI PlusUSB 3 / USB 2
USB Capture SDIUSB 3 / USB 2
USB 3 Video CaptureUSB 3

Telestream is continually testing and qualifying new devices. Once verified, they will be added to this “Capture Card Support” list. Devices not listed may work with Wirecast, but if they are not officially qualified, our technical Support Staff may not have the information necessary to troubleshoot. In these cases, please refer to the Wirecast Support Forum.