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12250円 メンズ腕時計 腕時計 あす楽対応 カシオ casio g-shock ジー ショック クリアスケルトン シリーズ ga-400sk-1a4 メンズ 腕時計 アナデジ アナログ デジタル クォーツ. Au aquos phone 102shii arrows ef fjl21 arrows z isw11f arrows z isw13f digno isw11k g'z one is11ca g'z one type-l cal21 galaxy s iii progre scl21 htc j butterfly htl21 htc j isw13ht infobar a01 infobar c01 medias pp n-01d motorola razr is12m regza phone is11t xperia acro hd is12s ※タブレット端末. Infobar c01(いんふぉばー しーぜろいち)は、シャープによって日本国内向けに開発された、auブランドを展開するkddiおよび沖縄セルラー電話のcdma 1x win対応テンキー付きストレート型スマートフォンである。 製造型番はshx12(えすえいちえっくす いちに)。)。メーカー型.

Basic Specifications
SizeApprox. 48 × 138 × 14.0mm
WeightApprox. 114g
Battery Capacity1,500mAh
Continuous Call Time
(Voice Call Time / When used within Japan)
Approx. 600 minutes
Continuous Standby Time
(When used within Japan)
4G LTE area : Approx. 530 hours
Charge TimeCommon AC adapter 05 : Approx. 120 minutes
Battery removal-
External memory
(Maximum storage capacity of compatible cards)
32GB microSDHC™
Internal Memory Capacity (RAM)*31GB
Internal Memory Capacity (ROM)*38GB
Number of Addresses Registered in Address BookVaries depending on free space in handset memory
Display TypeTFT LCD
Display SizeApprox. 3.1 inches
Maximum Number of Colors Displayable on LCDApprox. 16.77 million colors
Display resolution800×480 (WVGA)
au IC Cardau Nano IC Card 04 LE
CPUMSM8909 1.1GHz Quad-core
Biometric authentication-

  1. The continuous call time and continuous standby time listed are average time lengths for usage from combined moving and fixed locations with normal signal reception. The actual times for which the phone can be used will vary widely depending on a variety of conditions, including calling time, number of calls, email composing time, number of sent and received emails, usage conditions of Internet and applications, and network conditions. (More frequent usage or poor signal reception shortens these times. Less frequent usage extends the times.)
  2. This figure has been confirmed through the operation test following KDDI's standard. With some models, copyrighted data that can be stored in external storage is transferable to secured external memories. However, note that the availability varies depending on the manufacturers: some microSD™ cards, microSDHC™ cards and microSDXC™ cards even with the above-mentioned specifications may be unsupported.
  3. The entire memory capacity cannot be used to save apps and data.
  4. Be sure the card slot cover and caps on devices with these are securely fastened and the battery cover on devices with a removable battery cover is firmly in place.
    Do not immerse the unit in ocean, pool, or hot spring water. Do not place the unit on the sand.

How we rue saying that old-school keypads on phones were headed for extinction. Though touchscreens now rule the roost, every now and then a new 12-key phone rears it’s head, looks pretty impressive and is another reminder of a) there’s still demand for the old fashioned way of TXT MSG-ing and b) we woz wrong.

Au Infobar C01 Drivers

The Infobar C01 is the latest such, coming with many specs you’d expect to see these days. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has an 8-megapixel camera and its memory can bulk up to 32GB via microSD. But the Infobar C01 also packs a 12-key pad underneath. Bam.

As well as this, the 3.2-inch 854 x 480 res screen is of the touch-sensitive variety. So you’ve got the option of playing Angry Birds and tapping away at texts, like you do on Nokia’s newAsha range and Touch & Type phones.


Other features of the Infobar C01 includes the usual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, digital TV tuner and an e-wallet app.

Au infobar c01 drivers
  • INFOBAR C01 when attaching the battery pack cover. Do not swing the INFOBAR C01 with the hand strap. It may result in an accident, such as injury, or malfunction or damage to the INFOBAR C01. Page 16: Using Au Ic-Card You cannot use the INFOBAR C01 with a card other than an au IC-Card inserted.
  • The Infobar C01 is the latest such, coming with many specs you’d expect to see these days. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has an 8-megapixel camera and its memory can bulk up to 32GB via.
Au infobar c01 driver download

Au Infobar C01 Driver Download

Sadly for us Brits, the colourful range won’t be coming out here. KDDI au, Japan’s second biggest network, has bragging rights on this chap. So unless you’ve got friends in Japan who are willing to get one (they go on sale next month), it’s no banzai for you.

Au Infobar C01 Driver Updater

Source: KDDI au (1) and 2 (both in Japanese), via TechCrunch