Drivers STK-7125EVB USB Serial Converter A

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On mobile editions of Windows, such as Windows 10 Mobile, only drivers that are part of the operating system are loaded. Unlike desktop editions, it is not possible to load a driver through an external driver package. With the new in-box INF, Usbser.sys is automatically loaded if a USB-to-serial device is detected on the mobile device. The package provides the installation files for FTDI USB Serial Converter Driver version 2.12.28. If the driver is already installed on your system, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix various issues, add new functions, or just upgrade to the available version. Explore our driver downloads and software archives. Robust Sealevel software and third-party software support. Download your software by functionality, by operating system, or by software name. On mobile editions of Windows, such as Windows 10 Mobile, only drivers that are part of the operating system are loaded. Unlike desktop editions, it is not possible to load a driver through an external driver package. With the new in-box INF, Usbser.sys is automatically loaded if a USB-to-serial device is detected on the mobile device.

Brainboxes USB to Serial converter adapters come in 1, 2, 4 and 8 ports as RS232 or RS422/485.

  • Baud rates from 110 to 921,600
  • Simple installation
  • Works where many USB to serial converters do not
  • Brainboxes proven software drivers, enable the serial port to behave just like a real COM port attached to the PC motherboard
  • Robust software for excellent application compatibility
  • Brainboxes Lifetime Warranty and Support

Products in Range

ProtocolPorts1 Port2 Ports4 Ports8 Ports



Industrial US-235

Isolated US-159






Industrial US-320





We use serial to usb converters at the moment,they are so good we have ordered some more!

Northumbrian Water

I've previously used your 2-port PCMCIA serialadaptor and found it to be an excellent and importantly, reliable piece of kit.It was miles better than the cheap serial to USB adaptors than we sourced,which never seemed to work well.

AJ Consulting

I would like to thank you for sending out the windows 7 RS232 USB driver.
I have had a lot of problems trying to get my EXFO fiber optic test equipment to communicate with my windows 7 laptop.
I loaded on your software for the driver and within 10 mins I could communicate with the EXFO.
Exfo's technical guys have struggled to find a soloution. Thanks to Brainbox the problem is solved
Many thanks

ABM Electrical Contracting Ltd

We use Brainboxes devices to test a lot of ourequipment here. The most common is the single USB Serial adapter. The feedbackfor this product is really good, not only from me but from everyone in thecompany that uses it.

Modular Mining Systems

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your brilliant product (US-101)!! ...

We tried [many other brands] and a few other USB to serial adapters. None of them worked!.. I’ve been buying and returning like crazy. ...

I finally called IBM/Lenovo out of desperation and somewhere in their internal knowledgebase was a mention of your product working. So I bought one from as a test.. it arrived today. IT WORKS! =)

You are likely the only manufacturer on the planet that makes a working serial to USB adapter for IBM/Lenovo. I would sugges

Creative NetVentures, Inc.

Drivers Stk-7125evb Usb Serial Converter Adapters

For some time I have been searching for a USB to Serial adaptor that works correctly with the Fanuc CNC controls fitted on the 600 UK products that I support.
I now use and recommend a USB to Serial adaptor supplied by Brainboxes Limited
They can look after all your RS232 hardware needs, be it getting your Netbook to talk to your CNC or your Desktop serving your CNC machines via RS232 multi port cards.
I find their products very reliable and their support team are very helpful.

Les Robbins

I like the small form factor of the USB RS-485products.

Cape Software, Inc.

So far I've used the 8 port un-managed switch, RS-485 toEthernet and now the US-235 without any issues. Great pricing through Newark, well designed and built products!!

Carolina CAT

Well I must admit to being sceptical, as we only ever found 1 [other] device that worked [reliably] and I had to leave that on a project and have never found another since. It appears on first testing that your US-101s work very well…………..

needless to say I am very pleased as it is so hard to source a laptop with on-board RS232 nowadays. Very pleased indeed! Thank you

Principle Communications

I've been using VX-001 on site (as a PLC / Servo Drive programming port) for years now, with much more success than USB adaptors - so I recommend it to all my clients (which is where this one will be going)!
Thanks Brainboxes!

Mark Guénault

Have used a US-101 for many years and have been veryhappy with it.

Datel Advansys Ltd

I am a big fan of Brainboxes. Tired of disconnects ordropping USB-to-Serial devices on other products with universal drivers!

The Light Source, Inc.

We have been massively impressed by the Brainboxes USB to RS232 converter. It is the best adapter we have found as it fully supports all 9 pins and has compatible drivers for windows 2000 through to Windows 7 64 bit meaning one solution can be used with all of our machines. We have been able to communicate with legacy PLCs such as the Honeywell IPC range through to modern PLCs such as the Allen Bradley Control Logix range. Unlike many other converters that can be hit-and-miss we are yet to find a device your converter will not work with. We have recommended your product to all of the automa

Coca Cola Enterprises

I have tried many off the shelf USB to Serial adapters. Some break easily, others only work some of the time. Brainboxes US-101 installed in seconds and could communicate with anything I threw at it, I would recommend this device to anyone.

Colin Young, Nutek Europe

Just to add I have also had issues with USB to RS232 adapters in general. In the end I went with a Brainboxes UC-101 and have had no further problems.
Actually took quite a lot of searching to even find the Brainboxes card since I needed one that supported both Windows 7, and Windows 7 64.


After searching a lot on the internet for a good USB to Serial (RS232), I elected the Brainboxes US-101 for the following reasons:

  • it really seemed to be a very good device and completely suited for my needs (size, features, technical data) - very good ratings all over the internet
  • ready and tested for Windows 7 (64 bits)
  • developed and made in Europe from an european company!
  • lifetime guarantee
  • lifetime support
  • Brainboxes seems to be a company really [focused] on having good and reliable products and respect its customers Luis Goncalves

I have been using the US-101 for over 7 years and have nothad a problem with it yet. Other USB toserial converters used by other installers just seem to fail but not theUS-101.

Kidde Australia

I have used your pc card on my previous laptop and found itto be faultless, so your USB-232 converter was an obvious 1st choice!

MAN Engines & Components

Only USB Serial device that I can get to workwith the fire alarm systems.

BL Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd ‹›

Range Description

USB is a widely accepted PC user interface standard. This range has been designed to be stylish enough for desktop environments and rugged enough to withstand the industrial market environments. The proven, robust and reliable Boost software ensures these devices have the functionality and performance for even demanding applications.

Being hot plugable and plug & play devices makes USB a very attractive way to add serial connectivity to your platform.

USB is the worlds most popular interconnection standard with over 3Billion devices shipped last year. The plug & play USB experience is one of the reasons USB has stormed the world. In a laboratory or industrial setting many people want the USB connectivity convenience but also want high reliability devices and connections.

At Brainboxes we designed ranges of both mobile Laboratory devices and Industrial metal cased products to be extremely robust even in hard hat environments. Brainboxes Boost software provides an excellent User Interface with state of the art compatibility and data integrity.

Rugged Enclosures

IP-30 rated rugged, high strength, metal case protects the device in any environment from industrial to office based.

IP (International Protection Rating) Code specifies that objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter cannot penetrate the case, this means that the hardened metal case provides a safety barrier from objects (such as tools and wires) interfering with the internal circuitry.

DIN rail and Wall mountable

Optional DIN Rails

The DIN rails are an optional accessory. This allows the device to be mounted in a Server rack or any DIN rail fitted equipment rack. The DIN rails conform to IEC International Standard 60715 and European Standard EN 50022.

Integrated Wall Mount

All brainboxes serial to usb adapters have integrated wall mount points which are located on either side of the device (also known as Ears). Screws on nails can be used to attached the device through the wall point ears to a wall, table or any firm flat surface.

High Retention USB

High Retention USB socket (all models) and screw fit power supply (only 8 port models and 4 port RS422/485 require power)
Drivers stk-7125evb usb serial converter arduino

Brainboxes USB to serial range includes high Retention USB socket (all industrial models) and screw fit power supply (only 8 port models and 4 port RS422/485 require power)

Drivers Stk-7125evb Usb Serial Converter Adapter

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