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The Microsoft Toolkit is the newest version program that is utilized for activating Microsoft products like Microsoft Office, Windows Microsoft Excel, and Word. It’s the substitute of the KMSPico Activator; it can work almost the same but has numerous new functions. It’s the best tool for activating any Windows like Windows 8.1, 10, 7, 8, Vista, and also Win XP. It does not assist you in activating Windows only, but you can also easily activate Microsoft office. It’s one hundred percent secure and safe activator available. It does not have any type of virus and malware; you can activate it without any issue. We’ll talk about the features of Microsoft Toolkit below and also will guide you on how you can download it on the system.

Windows 10 - How to enter BIOS configuration? Notebook How to boot the system from USB flash drive/CD-ROM Motherboard AI Suite 3 - Introduction Notebook Smart Gesture - Introduction Notebook How to enter the BIOS configuration of my Notebook? Windows 10 - How to restore the system to factory default settings? Popular FAQs More. The best tool to activate any Windows like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and Windows XP. This tool is also known as EZ Activator, which was later renamed the Microsoft Tool 2.7. It works the same way, KMSPico creates a KMS server, in which this tool revokes the original Windows license and automatically replaces it with the created license. 1 Download file for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Vista / XP, save and unpack it if needed. 2 Switch on your new ports hardware. 3 Right click on the My computer icon and push Properties tab then. Choose Hardware tab. Click on Device Manager button. 4 Find your Suprema SFR300-S(Ver.2) device in the list and press double click on the. Windows Loader for Windows 7 – is the latest version of the most easy-to-use activator for Windows 7. This crack is considered one of the best activator for Windows 7 OS. After installation of new Windows 7 you have 30 days trial period to check if this OS suits you. Upon trial period expiration you need to purchase a key and enter it into. Windows Loader is used to activate the Microsoft windows. It can activate Windows Vista, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. This method of activation is very fast and easy. Others tools like KMSPico, KMSAuto etc are best only for usage of Windows 10.

What Is Microsoft Toolkit ?

There’re a lot of office, and windows activators are accessible on the internet, but the majority of them come with the virus, and a lot of them do not work correctly. When you activate the windows by utilizing other activators, there’re most odds to have Trojans with it. A few of them activate the windows for just a few months after that time; it’ll ask you again for activating it. It’s an extremely annoying thing which everybody can face almost. The Microsoft Toolkit is an excellent activator for avoiding damaging the PC, and it’ll activate all the windows versions from XP to 10; it’ll activate the Microsoft product permanently; you do not have to activate this again and again after a little time.

This Toolkit is also recognized as the EZ Activator, which was then changed to Microsoft Toolkit. It can work almost the same as KMSPico; it also makes a KMS Server in which this toolkit can remove the original license of your Windows and replace that to the auto-generated one. The activator can work on both x32 and on x64 processors, respectively. The great thing is that you do not require any internet connection for making use of this toolkit it can work completely offline.

Why The Microsoft Toolkit ?

The Microsoft toolkit is a combo of all the activators. Auto EZ and KMS activator modules are built-in for offering an ideal activation algorithm. Also, the toolkit comes with a manually call activation system. What you need to carry out is click a phone button and acquire the twelve-digit code and call Microsoft using Skype. Then enter the code which is getting from this toolkit. This tool is two in one program, yes you can activate up to MS office 2013 and up to 8.1. What you need to carry out is to choose first what activator do you require. That is all.

Compare with other activators, this program beat all of these because this program has a special validation module for validating the activation. Any other activators don’t give that. The second option is the user selected. Before the activation procedure, users have to choose the activation method. There’re two activation ways EZ activator and Auto KMS. If you’re a windows lover, you ought to acquaint about the KMS developers. They’re the number one server base activation provider, the EZ activator module created by the DAZ team. The same team created the windows loader. So now, you can have an idea about how cool this tool is.

Microsoft Toolkit Features :

As we’ve stated before that, it’s a Microsoft Office and Windows activator you can imagine on your own what features this tool can really bring for you. If you’re still puzzled and desire to acquaint the features of this fantastic activator, then you have to read this features list below. We have stated all the major features of the activator, which everybody ought to acquaint before making use of it.

  • Two In One Activator:

This remarkable activator does not just activate Win but also can activate Microsoft Office. It denotes now you do not have to install two activators for activating office and windows separately. It can support all Microsoft and windows versions like Windows 8, 10, Vista, 7, even can support Win XP. Also, it can support Microsoft office 2016, 360, 2012, 2013, and the list continues.

  • Offline Activation:

In the newest versions, Microsoft Toolkit developer appended the feature of activating windows standalone, which denotes now you do not have to have the internet connection for activating Windows. The versions which can support the offline activation are 2.5.2 and 2.5.1 series. If you’re running the old version of this win activator, then it’ll ask you to have a good internet connection for activating Windows. Series which does not support the offline activation are 2.4.1, 2.4, 2.4.3, and 2.4.2.

Lifeview ez loader drivers download for windows 10 8.1 7 vista xp installer
  • Both System Supports:

The great thing about that is it can rally support both the x32 and x64 systems. It denotes you do not have to locate and download the separate files for the different processors. Simply download this toolkit, and you’re all set to go.

  • Lifetime Activation:

Lifeview Ez Loader Drivers Download For Windows 10 8.1 7 Vista Xp Iso

If you’ve utilized other activators, then you have to acquaint that almost all of them can activate the Win just for a certain time. After that period finishes, the windows deactivate automatically, and you need to activate it again to make use of all features of it. But utilizing Microsoft Toolkit now, you do not have to activate it again, and again, once you have activated it, it’ll be active for the lifetime.

  • Genuine Win Activation Guarantee:

The Microsoft Toolkit assures that it’ll activate the windows, and it’ll be one hundred percent genuine. They do not activate the windows through the server or pirated keys; they activate this by making use of the KMS Server, which is formally announced by Microsoft.

  • Dual Activation Modules:

It denotes that it has two activation systems for activating Microsoft office and windows. Either you can make use of its EZ Activator, or you can use Auto KMS modules. It’s a great thing, and it can really save space and time for the people who like EZ Activator and also for the people who like KMSAuto.

  • Virus Free:

Yes, certainly, this remarkable windows activator is one hundred percent free; if you see the web that asks cash for it, you can just report on this. Also, it’s tested by the Virus Total, and they did not locate any Trojans or viruses included. I’m also utilizing this particular activator for activating Windows, and I have never faced any such issue. Even there’s nobody on the internet who can really claim that it’s infected by any type of virus.

  • Live Notifications:

It’s an extremely helpful feature that permits the users to acquaint about the windows activation. The tool will send you the live Push Notification when the office or windows is activated.

Is it Safe ?

It is possible for the users to download the Microsoft toolkit simply from any dependable download shop. It’s simple to make use of as a consequence of its simple interface, which could be used by any individual. This toolkit has been created to allow activation of not just your operating system but also an array of diverse products such as Office. Microsoft Toolkit is the most useful and famous program. It’s one of the most powerful activators for Microsoft Office and Windows activation. After activating your product, you’ll observe that it is authentic and enabled using the Microsoft Toolkit. You just bound to the single version.

The best-supporting versions of Windows provided on the Microsoft Company. If you have installed the trial version of any windows, you might have to discover the most important or most recent variant of the Microsoft Toolkit for guaranteed compatibility with your upgrade. For the latest version of this app, install the Windows, online access required. Every newest version is far better than the previous version of it.

Download The Newest Version Of This Microsoft Program :

Have you already read all its features? Desire to download this remarkable activator for activating the Microsoft office and windows? If yes, then let’s go to the downloading links; also, if you do not acquaint how you can really download from the site, then you can follow this guide for downloading the right file.

  • First of all, click on download, which is given above.
  • After that, you may be redirected to a site.
  • There you’ll see another download button, simply click it.
  • Then wait for some secs, and the download will begin automatically.
  • Download time differs on the internet speed you have.

That is it! Now you’ve downloaded the Microsoft Toolkit on the PC successfully. After downloading you’ll acquire a zip file, do not extract it yet because first, you have to disable the Real-Time Protection in Win 10 and disable the antivirus (if you’ve installed any). If the antivirus is activated, then after extracting your downloaded file, it’ll be removed (Not because of it is a virus but because it can really activate your windows, and that is why MS Company blacklisted it. Do not be anxious. The computer is still safe, and it’ll never steal or damage the data; it is one hundred percent secure). After installing and activating your win, you can activate this once again.

How To Utilize This Program For Windows 10 ?

If you’re a Windows 10 user, then you might face the blockage of the activator program because of the window defender while downloading using the web browser such as Chrome. That’s because of Windows 10 does not permit the users to run the Microsoft Office Tool. If you desire to run this, then disable the Real-Time Protection of your windows defender before going to download the Microsoft Toolkit. The previous Microsoft Toolkit version does not support the Win 10 activation without the keys. But now it’s totally supported by the updating functionality. So, enjoy this now without any fear. This app is also called EZ-Activator. It’s named so because it can really activate Microsoft office (all of its versions) and windows (all the versions) completely.

How Can You Activate MS Office ?

When you open this program, a setup panel will emerge. Choose the MS Office button for activating the office. For better results, we suggest you to select the EZ activator. Wait for a little until you obtain the confirmation message on your screen.

What Are The Advantages Of This Tool ?

Do you have any doubts about utilizing this program? Do you desire to acquaint the advantages? Well, there’re numerous benefits, and it is great to take them into contemplation.

  • Just like we have stated earlier, the Microsoft Toolkit can be helpful in activating all windows and Office versions. There’s no requirement of selecting other activators. No matter which Windows or office version you select, this activator is useful.
  • There are two methods of activation. One is the offline way, and the other one is online. You can select any one of these. The type of activation also relies on the version that is chosen. If there is no access to the net, the offline activation can be carried out. However, if the internet isn’t a problem, then the online activation can be carried out. Make certain you download the latest version of Microsoft Toolkit.
  • There’s no requirement of being anxious about malware or virus. This program is one hundred percent clean, and there is no threat at all. You can check a few good sites for acquiring and downloading the official version. This tool does not come with any malware or virus and is extremely safe. A lot of individuals make comparisons as to which one is simply great. If Win 7 is already utilized, Win 7 tool is always great. There’re a lot of well-liked activators, and it is significant to choose the correct one.
  • A few individuals are not certain whether they ought to make use of the activator or not. They’ve some uncertainties about whether the activation will keep on for long. At times, the lifetime activation isn’t provided. However, in the case of this app, it’s not the same. The permanent activation will be provided, and so, there’s no requirement of being anxious about anything. Even Windows and office will be activated permanently. Therefore, no issues would be caused.


  • Appended more check options for adding languages for the better language filters.
  • Appended the option in which the users can really see the version of MS Office in the customize section.
  • Scheduled works are now kept on the final run date.
  • Fixed bug when AutoKMS can no longer activate and show an issue when there’re no KMS keys installed.
  • TAP drivers are Updated
  • And a lot of numerous bugs fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions Section :

  • How Long Can The Activation Really Stay?

First, we have to tell you this program, not like the other fake ones who are you can locate online. This program offers genuine lifetime activation. You can make use of the MS office or windows two to three years without facing issues.

  • Will It Harm My Computer?

Absolutely not; this tool can’t harm the computer, comprising hardware and software; if you’re not certain, you can utilize virus total for checking. This tool makes use of tej best algorithms and silent install modules.

  • What’s The Alternative Activator For This Tool?

Well, the best substitute product for this Microsoft Toolkit is the KMSPico program. This tool comes with all the features and functions the same as the MStoolkit tool.

Lifeview Ez Loader Drivers Download For Windows 10 8.1 7 Vista Xp 64-bit

  • Do I Require An Internet Connection?
Lifeview ez loader drivers download for windows 10 8.1 7 vista xp installer

Lifeview Ez Loader Drivers Download For Windows 10 8.1 7 Vista Xp Installer

The Internet is optional. An excellent result will be attained if the client has an internet connection. However, this tool can automatically detect the internet connection and selects what module is suitable for the computer.

Lifeview Ez Loader Drivers Download For Windows 10 8.1 7 Vista Xp 32-bit


After going through all the features of this fantastic Office and Windows Activator, you simply fell in love. That’s just an excellent activator with a lot of features. We have not seen any other activator that offers the same features as Microsoft Toolkit. If any activator provides you such features, but they’ll demand for cash, that’s the reason why we suggest this incredible activator to everybody. You ought to try it at least once in your life, and we’re pretty certain you’ll utilize it each time when you attempt to activate office or windows. We are also making use of this fantastic activator, and we have always activated our MS Products utilizing this program.Learn Why Does Microsoft Teams Keep Installing